How to Create a Design Space to Inspire You

By Dana Sotoodeh


Are you tired of that gray cubicle of yours? What about that fluorescent lighting that’s giving you a headache by 2:00? We don’t blame you. At Snackbox, we believe in curating the most creative and inspirational workplace possible—and it doesn’t have to be pricy! Surrounding yourself with things that inspire you amps up your mood and increases your productivity! Don’t know where to start? Team Snackbox is here to let you in on a few ways to create a design space that really inspires you.


1.)  Color, Color, Color– Blank walls and desk faces can get boring and depressing. Color is proven to lift moods and spark creative energy, and we could all use a little of that. Whether it’ hanging a vivid painting, or even purchasing neon-colored sticky notes, a little color goes a long way. Stick your pens and pencils in a colored pencil holder or bring a bright coffee mug to work. The possibilities are endless.

2.)  Let the Light In– Fluorescent lighting is so “blah”. If you’re lucky enough to have a window, make it a point to open the blinds and let natural sunlight in. Natural sunlight improves mood and will boost your energy levels. If you don’t have control of the lighting in your office environment, bring a cute lamp from home for your desk space. Although the fluorescent lighting will remain overhead, at least your workspace will be lit with the light you choose. For a little more “UMPH” to your workspace, pick a lamp with a fun lamp base.

3.)  Rock Out- When we say “rock out” we don’t mean at obnoxious levels (unless your boss is cool with that), but we do mean to listen to tunes that boost your mood. At Snackbox, we created a “mood booster” playlist of songs that get us through the week or even the day. Music has large effects on mood; so don’t be afraid to make a work playlist that keeps you energized.  

4.)  Find Inspiration- We often lose track of what motivates us to succeed at doing the work we do. It’s important to remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing and strive to meet those goals every day. From writing a sticky note with inspirational quotes, to creating a small “inspa” board for your workspace, these little reminders will motivate you to push forward. Find what works for you and implement it into your work environment. You will be surprised how much it helps!

5.)  Calm Yourself- Work has a tendency to get extremely stressful pretty often. There’s a few remedies that can help calm you down when you get too stressed. Keep tea bags in your drawer, for hot or cold tea mid-day. Tea calms nerves and gives you a caffeine boost so it’s a win-win. Not a tea drinker? Therapeutic hand lotion or candles often calm nerves. The more “homey” your workspace feels, the more comfortable you will be spending ample amounts of time in it.