Fun Fundraising Ideas

By Dana Sotoodeh

‘Tis the season for giving! It’s a new year and the perfect time to start planning charity fundraising ideas for you and your team. Not only do you get to give back to your community, but you get to bond with your team and make a difference!

We often see the same kind of fundraising campaigns. Although they always raise money for a good cause, they often seem a little redundant.  It’s time to put that creative side of yours to use and incorporate some fun fundraising campaigns into your New Year plans.

Team Snackbox brings you a few fun charity fundraising ideas that will get you excited about giving back.

1.)         Food Fundraising– Whether you decide to have a homemade bake sale or a night out at a local restaurant, people will always respond when food is involved. People always need to eat, so setting up a fundraiser that involves fresh baked goodies or dinner at a delicious restaurant will usually always get good responses.  The key to making fundraisers like this successful is making sure people are aware of the day and time ahead of time. If you choose to meet up at a local restaurant and donate part of the proceeds to a charity, make sure the time is reasonable enough for people who work to make.

2.)         Make your own Color Run- People love getting active for good causes, and color runs are growing by the numbers each year. Instead of having everyone sign up for a national color run, put on your own. All you need is a place with a trail and colored powder, which can be easily purchased online. You can provide granola bars or bananas for after the run, and charge a sign-up fee to benefit the charity of your choice.

3.)         Benefit concerts: You don’t need to have contact with a Grammy-award-winning artist in order to pull of a benefit concert. Live music is always popular and local artists are always willing to put on a show to promote their music. Research popular local artists and reach out to them via social media if you can’t find their direct number. Most bands or artists have Facebook or Twitter pages that they interact with on a daily basis. Charge an entry fee and donate the money you collect to the cause of your choice.