‘B’ is for Blogging

Have an opinion? Know a lot about a particular subject? You need to be blogging. Blogs are a great tool in which opinions can be shared, trends can be explored, etc. And you don’t necessarily have to stick with just words … if you’re not a writer, consider podcasts or video posts.

The first step in creating a successful blog is to develop an editorial calendar. Plan what you’re going to talk about and when. Then, once you have a plan in place, devote a block of time each week to writing your posts. There is no rule that says you can’t write your blog posts well in advance of when they’ll appear on your site.

Once your posts are live, now it’s time to market them. Talk about them on Twitter and Facebook, bookmark them, share them!

I also use some of our blog posts when talking with client prospects. If it’s a topic I’ve written about, for follow up post-meeting, I’ll send an email with links to relevant posts.

Think about your audience, share your ideas, and encourage them to interact with you. Now, get to blogging!