5 Alternatives to a Conference Table Meeting

By Christine Vivoli

So many meetings take place around a stuffy conference table. Being in a creative industry, having meetings in unusual places that could lead to inspiration is a great idea. Snackbox has come up with some fun alternatives to the conference table meeting.

  1. Lunch or Dinner – Enjoying a meal together is a great way to communicate in a less formal setting.
  2. Going to the spa – What a relaxing way to conduct business and focus on inspiration for new ideas.
  3. Karaoke room – Take your meeting to a place where you can let loose, enjoy yourself and let your ideas run wild.
  4. Helicopter ride – This is a crazy idea to really wow your participants or seal a deal. You have their undivided attention.
  5. Night fishing boat – Engage in a favorite past time of many. An event like this will spark creativity and show your imagination.