10 Creative Ways to Reduce Stress

By Taylor Baker


  1.      Nail Polish – Yes, nail polish!  Place a dot of nail polish somewhere on your cell phone or case, reminding you to relax and slow down before taking the call. This will most likely make you chuckle, and sound more confident when you pick up the phone.  Knowing that you sounded confident will further reduce your stress. Win-win!
  2.      Blow Up a Balloon – Inflating a balloon forces you to deep-breathe, which is a stress reliever. Keep a few balloons in your drawer at your office and remind yourself to blow one up whenever you are beginning to feel stressed.
  3.       Eat Chocolate – This sweet treat is filled with antioxidant flavonoids, which helps blood vessels relax, helping calm overall stress.  They can also minimize your risk of heart disease and reduce blood pressure.
  4.      Rub Your Hoku – Your “hoku” is the flap of skin on your palm connecting your pointer finger to your thumb.  According to scientists at Hong Kong Polytechnic University scientists claim that squeezing your hoku can minimize stress by up to 39 percent.
  5.      “Om” It Out – Yoga is extremely effective when it comes to reducing stress. Try the Vipariti Kirani yoga pose, which involves lying on the floor and resting the legs up against a wall. Not only does it give the body a good stretch, but it also helps create peace of mind.
  6.      Get Your Hands Dirty – Research proves that having plants and flowers in your presence can elicit a positive mood and reduce stress levels. Sticking your hands in the dirt and gardening will indefinitely leave you with a calm energy.
  7.      Wake Up – Jumping out of bed 15 minutes earlier in the morning can be a huge help in feeling more calm and ready to tackle the day. Preparing for the night before can also alleviate stress, and your mornings will be more stress-free.
  8.      Say No to Technology – Constantly being attached to your computer or phone can aggravate the feeling of stress, even when there is nothing to stress about.  Opt to do one thing at a time, rather than piling up too many tasks.  Make the choice to temporarily disconnect all electronics for just a short time in favor of a taking a walk, reading a book, or baking cookies.
  9.      Find a Furry Friend – Studies show that canine companions can boost your mood and help relieve your stress. Cuddling with dog or cat can reduce your blood pressure, and calm you down within minutes.
  10.   Plan Your Next Vacation – Put work on hold to browse some travel sites for future getaways.  Whether you’re planning it for a long way off, or it’s just wishful thinking, simply putting your mind in a different place will help to alleviate your current state of chaos.