Visiting Austin? Do This.

By Christine Vivoli

Austin is a very unique and unusual city tucked in the heart of Texas. When visiting Austin there are many things that need to be at the top of your list. Snackbox has created our list of the top 10 things every visitor must do during their visit. These unusual attractions are unique to Austin and part of what makes it so special.

  1. Visit a tattoo shop or even get a tattoo – Austin has the most tattoo parlors per capita in the world. The majority are in South Austin, but they tend to line every side street.
  2. Visit the Cathedral of Junk – Built by Vince Hannemann, this unusual attraction is made of junk that even includes staircases you can walk up.
  3. Watch the bats– Stroll down to the Congress Avenue Bridge and watch the bats come out. Once you see the huge crowd of people, you will know that you are in the right spot.
  4. Eat at a trailer park – Austin is known for its food trucks. Some Austin favorites are the Dirty Sanchez at Torchy’s Tacos, cake balls at Holy Cacao, donuts with unusual flavors at Gordough’s and cone creations at Mighty Cone.
  5. Play chicken shit bingo – Visit Ginny’s Little Longhorn dive bar on Sunday afternoons. The name speaks for itself.
  6. Hippie Hollow –  A clothes optional beach and boating spot.
  7. Museum of the Weird – Nestled into East 6th Street, you will enter the world of the unexplained.
  8. Lonestar Roller Girls Game – Where else can you attend a roller derby with girls dressed in wild costumes jamming around a roller skating rink?
  9. Midnight Cowboy – Once a brothel, this destination is now a cocktail spot for distinguished guest. A secret passcode is even required to get in.
  10. Pubcrawler of Austin – Pedal-powered by you and 14 of your friends, you can pedal around the streets of Austin while enjoying a refreshing Texas beer.