Our Favorite Food Trends for 2014

By: Caitlin Cunningham

Happy 2014 Snackboxers! The new year is already looking bright, and we’re excited about all the impending possibilities. Several culinary experts and bloggers have posted their predictions of food trends to watch for in the next 12 months. Out with the bacon on everything, kale kale kale, and Sriracha sauce trends of 2013, on to 2014’s newest tastes. Here are some of our favorites that we hope to see:

  1. Brussel Sprouts – this perfectly bite-sized vegetable is sure to replace kale as the vegetable of the year. Easy to cook and digest, it’s perfect for mindful snacking
  2. Pared-down Processed Foods – sick of reading food labels and unable to recognize half of the ingredients? Us too. We’d definitely like to see more grocery foods available free of preservatives
  3.  Locally Grown – already on its way in places like Austin and Portland, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity of sustainability. Buying locally grown fruits and vegetables helps reduce your carbon footprint and bring fresher and tastier produce to your kitchen
  4. Yolk – this sunshiny center of eggs is predicted to take over due to its richness and complementary flavoring
  5. Lemons – fresh, tart and tangy, lemon juice is supposed to take hold as 2014’s accent ingredient in a number of sauces and mixes