8 Great Slow Cooker Recipes

By: Christine Vivoli

We all work hard during the day at work, but once you get home from your day, do you really want to cook dinner EVERY night? Here are some of our favorite crockpot recipes. Let this smart little machine do all the work for you!

  1. Crock-Pot Tamale Bake – If you love Mexican food, then this casserole dish will hit the spot on any busy night.
  2.  Chicken and Dumplings – Want to cozy up on a cold winter night? You can even cook this recipe while you are at work.
  3.  Mac and Cheese – Yes, you can even whip this classic favorite up in your crockpot.
  4. Cider Beef Stew – Mix two winter treats together and get an easy and delicious meal.
  5.  Pesto Lasagna with Spinach and Mushrooms – Just assemble the layers and walk away. No boil pasta is perfect for this dish.
  6. Chocolate Lava Cake – Create a delightful dessert to accompany your meal.
  7.  Chicken Tortilla Soup – This is a rich favorite for any day.
  8. Green Bean Casserole – A holiday favorite that you can enjoy all year round without the fuss.