Design Fail: Signage

I am neither happy nor hungry. Discuss. 

If any grocery store needed a rebrand it would be this one. There are so many things wrong here, it’s difficult to decide where to begin. It’s as if the “designer” decided to use brute psychology on this challenge. “It’s called Happy Foods, so let’s put a giant smiley face up so people will feel happy to come here.” Noooo, they’ll just be terrified the sign will fall on them. The size of that beast is completely out of proportion overwhelming the building. The proportion nightmare continues with the diminutive lettering relative to the Stalinesque big brother smiley face.

The sad thing is someone spent a lot of money on this abomination. Truth be told, I haven’t set foot inside yet. And, if you CAN judge a book by its cover, I won’t be shopping there in the future. Ever.