We are a marketing firm that helps businesses solve problems and specialize in public relations and design. Snackbox holds its headquarters in Austin, Texas and has associates Chicago, Los Angeles, and St. Louis.

A Taste of What We Offer:

  • Big agency expertise, boutique agency dedication and service
  • Seasoned team, customized for your needs
  • Agency principal serves as your day-to-day contact
  • Proprietary reporting system 

Why the name "Snackbox"?

(It's usually the first question we're asked.)

We didn’t want to be like everyone else and string a bunch of last names together to represent who we are as a firm. Because, really, who wants to work with Gruhala Oltersdorf Partners? Our last names are tough enough to say independently and certainly don’t tell a story when squished together.

We needed an umbrella name that covered all of our services and since snackboxes usually contain a lot of yummy things, the name felt right. We'd like to think our brand is fun, approachable, and makes people smile.