Shared Kitchens: How do they work?

Also known as “kitchen incubators”, “community kitchens” or “shared timed kitchens,” shared kitchens are a great option for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. So what are they?

Busy People Listen Up: Productivity Hacks

Are you one of those people that always have a million things on their to-do list? If you’re nodding your head, you know how important being productive is.

Choosing a Location for a New Restaurant

Choosing a location is arguably one of the most important steps in opening your new restaurant. After looking at what you can afford, there are other aspects of location that will affect your

The Future of Restaurant POS

If you’ve been to a Chili’s or Olive Garden lately, you probably noticed the tablet at the end of your table. Your server explained that if you wanted to order drinks, appetizers or desserts, you could do so

Meetings: You’re doing them wrong

You probably don’t go through a day of work without hearing the word “meeting” at least three times. Meetings are a huge part of the workplace and can either be productive or pointless,

Email Etiquette Tips

Much like learning how to handle a business call, mastering email etiquette comes with experience. I practiced email etiquette while attending college when I emailed professors.

Five Things Franchise Marketers Need to Know

Marketing professionals thrive on the opportunity to work with franchises. Not only are franchises spread across a large area—but since franchises grow from the ground up, marketing pros

How to Travel Like the Fashionista You Are

Many people (including me) love to travel in our yoga pants and sweatshirts, mostly because it’s comfortable to move around in from place to place.

Conference Call Business Etiquette

For some folks, being on a business call comes as naturally as riding a bicycle, but a conference call is another ball game. Why is that? When you are on a business call, you are in a more controlled situation

Business Meeting Etiquette

Picture yourself at a business meeting, you are deep in discussion with your bosses and coworkers when all of sudden you notice a loud ringtone coming from across the table.