Food Terrorism

By Caitlin Cunningham

While unlikely to happen, yet aware of the threat, the U.S. government proposed legislation at the end of last year that would address the risk of food terrorism. The fact of the matter is our food supply is one of the most vulnerable and exposed features of American commerce. Tampering with it could produce a serious and widespread public health concern.  The FDA has acknowledged the catastrophic events that could occur resulting in adulteration, including but not limited to, illness, trade disruption, and public fear.  Our government hopes that this approved legislation will significantly reduce the danger of something like this from occurring and give citizens peace of mind.

The proposed rule builds on the efforts of the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002. With the current state of national affairs, we don’t really need one more thing to worry about. It’s nice to know that instead of the previous reactive approach the U.S. government has taken toward acts of terrorism, it is instead a step ahead of the threat. Yay for food and the life it gives.