12 Thanksgiving Traditions

By Christine Vivoli

As the holidays are fast approaching, everyone is beginning to get into the holiday spirit through their various traditions. There are so many traditions surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday… many are very mainstream traditions while others are unique to certain families. We’re sharing 12 of our favorite holiday traditions.

  1. Black Friday – Many families stand in line to begin their Christmas shopping after their Thanksgiving feast. This is the busiest shopping day of the year.
  2. Thanksgiving Day Parade – Whether you are in NYC or watching from your television, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is being watched by many households.
  3. Thanksgiving football – There is always a game being played to entertain the family.
  4. The Turkey – This is the center piece of most Thanksgiving Day feasts.
  5. Presidential Turkey – Since 1947 the President has been presented with three turkeys. One turkey is pardoned while the other two are dressed for the Thanksgiving Day feast.
  6. Travel – Families do not always live near one another. Many travel to spend this special time with their loved ones.
  7. Wishbone – Two people take the ends of the wishbone, make a wish and pull. Whoever gets the larger piece of the wishbone has their wish come true.
  8. Help Others – Many families will visit a homeless shelter and feed those less fortunate than themselves.
  9. Giving Thanks – Families will go around the table until everyone has had the chance to say what they are thankful for.
  10. Watch a holiday movie – A great holiday movie to get everyone ready for the season is Miracle on 34th Street.
  11. Get ready for Christmas – Since Christmas is only one month away, it is time to start putting up the Christmas decorations.
  12. Families who go anti-turkey – Many families will venture out to restaurants or cook fried chicken, lasagna, ribs or brats.