By Jamie Hooker

Whew! You made it; the crisis is over. As much as you would like to move on forever, the days after a crisis can be beneficial to your company in the future.

Whether the situation was handled flawlessly or not, meet with those who were closely involved after the dust settles. Evaluate what went well and what needs to be improved for the future. Depending on the crisis, the plan could potentially come in handy when a similar situation arises. For example, natural disasters are unpredictable, so having a plan in place when one hits will make you thank your past-self.

Continue to monitor all social media for a few days after the crisis, just in case. There is a chance new information could arise shortly after the crisis is handled, so this is the ideal time to be a nervous PR person. Keep your social following in-the-know; be sure to tell them what you did to resolve the crisis and what you plan to do to avoid a similar situation from happening again. Transparency is your friend!

Depending on how badly your company or client’s reputation was affected during the crisis, brainstorm ways to restore that reputation. Is it giving back to the community? Promising to provide regular updates to the public or other stakeholders? Carrying out another act of goodwill? The public will recognize that your company is doing its best to earn back their trust and good grace. Also following a crisis, be sure to let the public know of achievements or accomplishments your company has made. These could revolve around the crisis or not, but showing your company is taking steps in the right direction won’t hurt.

We’re sad to say this is one of the last crisis posts in our series, and we hope you learned a lot! In our next post, we’ll be summarizing the gold mine of information we’ve covered. Stay tuned!