The Art of Work-Life Balance at Snackbox

By Jenna Oltersdorf

The balance between work and life can often be tricky for veterans or newbies in any industry. At Snackbox we talk about work-life balance a lot, yet it’s still something we struggle with from time to time. Over the years of hard work, lots of sweat and many tears, we have been keenly aware of cultivating a healthy balance.

Office hours are for the office

Growing up, did you ever hear the infamous, “Homework is meant to be done at home?” After being told that enough times, it’s basically ingrained in your memory for life – so we formed our own saying. Here at Snackbox, office hours are for the office; at 5:00 p.m., we leave as a team. It might seem a little cliché, but our team is a family and no one leaves by himself or herself if we can help it. We’re working to create a culture that avoids out of office work – and sure, some days require extra work, but as a norm, we don’t encourage it.

Communication, communication, communication

To be successful in the PR industry, you must have great communication skills – and that goes for inside and outside the office. Internally, our team uses messaging software, like Slack, to allow for our out-of-state team members to stay connected with headquarters. We try to avoid texting between the team as much as possible because it’s nice to have a firewall between work life and home life.

The dreaded cubicle farm

There’s nothing worse than walking out of an elevator only to face a room filled with endless rows of cubicles. Snackbox started out of our home, so as we grew and transitioned into a bigger office, we knew we had to bring the “in-home” type of atmosphere to our office. We work to keep the office as cozy and homey as possible – for example, our living room. At Snackbox, we have a living room in the center of our office that we utilize for office meetings, brainstorming or just a place to relax for a bit during a stressful workday.

Smoke breaks are so last century

Years ago, it was socially acceptable for the staff to take smoke breaks throughout the day. Although we don’t smoke, we have taken this technique and molded it into a “brain break.” We encourage our team to take a break to go outside, walk around the building, clear our heads and do a mental reset.

Our senior team members have become thought leaders in work/life balance and, as a team, we continue to fine-tune what makes it great to work here. These ideas became the foundation of creating a healthy work-life balance at Snackbox and, as we continue to grow, we will find new ways to help achieve a healthy balance while also teaching our new hires our core fundamentals.

How do you ensure a healthy work/life balance in your career?