Indiegogo and Kickstarter: Comparing the Two

A few weeks ago, we talked about crowdfunding and how it can help a business or product. It’s great to get things started or to make advancements, like a bigger space or improved/updated tools.

Rowdy Women Who Have Changed the Future

Great women have been leaving their mark on the world since time began, whether recognized or not.

What is Crowdfunding and How Can It Help?

Doing your own thing can be a costly venture, whether it’s creating your own product or starting your own company. Not everyone has investors that can financially back every idea they have

Three Simple Ways You Can Empower Women Today

Giving advice, speaking at colleges and mentoring employees are just some of the many ways you can empower young women. It’s wonderful to think one piece of advice can make a lasting impression.

Vocalize Your Empowerment

Imagine you’re at a happy hour with your friends. You’re all talking about your lives, your jobs, what you had for lunch earlier, that big win you had a work this week, etc. Starting those conversations,

Empowering and Educating Young Women

Educating students, mentoring interns and speaking at colleges are a few of the many ways to connect with aspiring professionals.

Empower By Investing

Things to invest in: college, stocks, bonds, hedge funds… Let’s be honest, those are very boring. We’re here to tell you there are more exciting things you can (and should) invest in!

Empowering Young Women through Mentoring

Graduating from college and entering the real world as an aspiring female professional is intimidating and it’s even more challenging when young women don’t have guidance along the way.

Six Weeks of Empowerment

When you Google the word “empowerment” (because no one uses paper dictionaries anymore), it is defined as “measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination