WSJ Sunwarrior Placement

How Many Team-Building Hiking Trips Can Your Marriage Take?

All the free meals, perks and outings employers offer these days can be tough on couples

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How to Travel Like the Fashionista You Are

Many people (including me) love to travel in our yoga pants and sweatshirts, mostly because it’s comfortable to move around in from place to place. But it’s times like these that we can feel the inner fashionista dying to overcome our fashion blunder.

Below are some fashionable tips that you can use to show off chic looks and on-the-go beauty tricks for your next trip.

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Our Top Tips for a Great Performance Review

In my experience, I have had two performance reviews since I started at Snackbox. The first performance review happened while I was an intern and the second time was as an Assistant Account Executive. On both occasions, I learned a lot about Snackbox and about myself. I learned that even though I am dedicated, I make mistakes from time to time. The most important thing, however, is that I learn from my mistakes and I always try to excel in my craft.

At Snackbox, we love to provide valuable information that you can carry with you throughout your career. Getting hired is one thing, but proving yourself time and time again to earn that promotion or raise takes a lot of effort and skill. The following is a list of our top five tips towards achieving an excellent performance review.

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The Ins and Outs of LinkedIn

LinkedIn….You have one collecting cyber dust, or you’ve heard of it amongst your colleagues.  LinkedIn is no Facebook— you can’t browse hundreds of fun pictures or stalk people’s personal lives. What you can do is a thousand times better. LinkedIn was created for networking opportunities amongst professionals. Whether you’re a job seeker, a hired employee, or an employer, LinkedIn boasts all the tools you need to network within your field WITHOUT leaving your desk. 

Did you know that the Pew Research Center found that the majority of LinkedIn users were bachelor degree holders, or people making over 75,000 annually?  This means that LinkedIn is optimal for educated people looking for job opportunities, and utilized by high earning professionals with ample amounts of experience.  So the next question is—how do you use LinkedIn to network and further your career?

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Conference Call Business Etiquette

For some folks, being on a business call comes as naturally as riding a bicycle, but a conference call is another ball game. Why is that? When you are on a business call, you are in a more controlled situation, whereas when you are on a conference call, you are trying to juggle a conversation with multiple people that may all be as talkative and attentive as you are. 

Whether you are experienced or not, conference calls can be intimidating for several different reasons. You may get easily distracted during these calls, or you may have the bad habit of calling in late, and so on and so forth. These happenings are quite common but learning how to successfully participate in a busy conference call can make a world of difference in the way you present yourself during a business meeting.

By following the guidelines below, you can soon enough handle your upcoming conference calls like a pro.

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