Perspective: Top 4 skills for assistant account executives

In any situation, it’s all about perspective, right?

As a fresh-out-college assistant account executive (AAE), I remember many of the challenges I faced. Learning a new craft, working towards another raise and promotion and trying to navigate office life (because let’s face it: office life is its own unique snowflake). Being an AAE was one of the hardest roles in my career.

Fast forward to today and, as I lead our Snackbox team, I'm working to select and groom the next generation of AAEs. There are so many lessons that will shape the rest of their careers. As a 20-something, sometimes its hard to understand the dues you have to pay in order to gain the wisdom to prepare for your future role as senior vice president.

So what are the most important skills you can have as an AAE in public relations?

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Snackbox Dishes: Our favorite Austin Establishments with Adelbert’s 

If you know Team Snackbox, you’re aware that we love food and drink. Our client, Adelbert’s Brewery, is Austin-based and one of our favorite beers to cool down with. They specialize in making bottled conditioned Belgian beers for people to sip, savor and enjoy—and trust us—they’re extremely enjoyable.

A huge perk of working in beautiful Austin, Texas is the abundance of establishments with cool ambiances and even cooler food and drink.  These are our top three Austin establishments carrying Adelbert’s.

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Five Things Franchise Marketers Need to Know

Marketing professionals thrive on the opportunity to work with franchises. Not only are franchises spread across a large area—but since franchises grow from the ground up, marketing pros have the perfect opportunity to measure growth by the their campaigns are organized.

In theory, marketing for a franchise sounds easy-as-pie, but there are five basic things that every franchise marketer needs to know no matter how big or small their franchise is.

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WSJ Sunwarrior Placement

How Many Team-Building Hiking Trips Can Your Marriage Take?

All the free meals, perks and outings employers offer these days can be tough on couples

Check out this latest placement from Team Snackbox for Sunwarrior in today's Wall Street Journal!


How to Travel Like the Fashionista You Are

Many people (including me) love to travel in our yoga pants and sweatshirts, mostly because it’s comfortable to move around in from place to place. But it’s times like these that we can feel the inner fashionista dying to overcome our fashion blunder.

Below are some fashionable tips that you can use to show off chic looks and on-the-go beauty tricks for your next trip.

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