Alternatives to Austin's Tex Mex Scene

Austin has become a prime location in the restaurant scene.  Get out of your food rut, and check out these hot spots. 

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Top 10 Travel Tips for Business Travelers

When it comes time for business trips, people often imagine uncomfortable flights, not enough sleep, and tons of stress. What if we told you that your business trip could be a lot less stressful. Team Snackbox is here to give you 10 simple but helpful travel tips that will make you’re business trip way more relaxing.

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5 ways to build relationships with reporters  

PR pros often forget that there’s more to public relations than awesome communication skills, contacts, and a great pitch. Building a solid relationship with reporters is crucial in succeeding in your PR career. We know what you’re thinking.. “ Some reporters are so intimidating”. Fear no more—Team Snackbox is here to offer 5 ways that are key in building strong relationships with reporters and getting that awesome pitch of yours noticed.

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What NOT to Do/Wear During a Job Interview

So you have internship experience, a college degree, and your planner cleared for ample amounts of job interviews. But how do you present yourself and what do you wear?

Your presentation and appearance are just as important when it comes to landing your job as that well-rounded resume you have worked so hard on.  Employers want to know you care just as much about your presentation as you do the quality of your work-- and that’s why Team Snackbox is here to tell you a few things you shouldn’t do when it comes to that big interview. 


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Tips for a Successful Media Interview

Some people feel comfortable being in front of a camera, others may not feel the same way. In the public relations industry, we are taught how to execute media trainings for our clients. We always find it rewarding when we see a timid business owner become the confident spokesperson of his or her company.

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