Meet Team Snackbox: Eric Yule, Apprentice 

Eric Yule joined Team Snackbox in January 2017. We like to call him “Other Eric” because we decided having two people named “Eric” in the office was too confusing.

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Indiegogo and Kickstarter: Comparing the Two 

A few weeks ago, we talked about crowdfunding and how it can help a business or product. It’s great to get things started or to make advancements, like a bigger space or improved/updated tools.

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Rowdy Women Who Have Changed the Future

Great women have been leaving their mark on the world since time began, whether recognized or not. There are several famous women who probably come to mind, like Princess Diana, Rosa Parks, Joan of Arc and Michelle Obama, but there are so many others whose names tend to get lost among the rest.

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PR Nightmare, A.K.A…. 

It’s one of the most dreaded words in PR – the “C” word. (Crisis… we’re talking about crisis.) It’s been described as “a PR nightmare” and referred to like, “I would hate to be (insert company name here)’s PR person.” But crisis doesn’t have to be so bad, not if you’re prepared for it!

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What is Crowdfunding and How Can It Help? 

Doing your own thing can be a costly venture, whether it’s creating your own product or starting your own company. Not everyone has investors that can financially back every idea they have (and not every idea is a winner worth investing in, unfortunately.)

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