Turkey Talk 

Nothing goes better with cool weather and football than a juicy, well-flavored, turkey on Thanksgiving or any other fall day. It’s November and time to nail that recipe that yields one of the most exciting meals of the whole year. Whichever way you prefer to prepare your bird, there are a few tips and pointers to making sure it’s family table worthy. Team Snackbox is here with five fun and different ways to do turkey this year.


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PR: You’re doing it wrong

By Jenna Oltersdorf


I’m old. I’ve been in this business for a long time.

Want proof?

  1. I used to send news releases by fax (for those of you who aren’t familiar, click here.)
  2. When building a media list, I used Bacon’s Books … much like a phone book. Oh, wait. You don’t know what that is either. 

I also no longer use a car phone or an Atari (confession: I miss Asteroids like crazy). The whole point is, as a PR pro I’ve evolved and I hope you have, too.

News releases aren’t dead … they’re simply over-used.

It’s not that we have to stop reaching out to reporters … it’s just with the 24/7 news cycle AND more media than ever, we have to be strategic about who we approach and how we approach them. 

The problem is, you all are moving too fast. You aren’t checking your sources before you pitch them.

Case in point? My food blog (admittedly, abandoned due to lack of time, but it’s still out there). Nomnomist averages about 10 pitches per day. Absolutely not out of control.

But you know what turns me into a POO FLINGING MONKEY!?!?!?!  Getting automotive pitches. I write wrote about food. Seriously. It isn’t that hard. My logo is a spork.

Please, PR peers. Slow it down. Do it right. You’re making the rest of us look bad.





5 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Movies 

Let’s face it—our culture is movie obsessed, and we’re no exception. Whether you’re settled in your career or working hard towards it, there’s nothing like an inspiring movie to get your entrepreneurial juices flowing.   Team Snackbox is here to present their favorite entrepreneurial inspired movies. If there’s anytime to go out there and get what you want—it’s now!


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It’s Movember

November brings cooler weather, awesome food, and… moustaches? You may have heard the term “No Shave November” and November first, kicks off the first official day of the hairy month or “Movember”. Confused? Team Snackbox is here to explain! 


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10 Creative Ways to Reduce Stress

     Nail Polish - Yes, nail polish!  Place a dot of nail polish somewhere on your cell phone or case, reminding you to relax and slow down before taking the call. This will most likely make you chuckle, and sound more confident when you pick up the phone.  Knowing that you sounded confident will further reduce your stress. Win-win!

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